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NaturaWhite Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment
Due to regulations changes in the UK, we no longer provide this service. 

Tooth whitening can only be provided by a qualified and registered dentist, or a dental hygienist or dental therapist working to the prescription of a dentist.
Laser Teeth Whitening
The reason our Laser Teeth Whitening procedure is so effective is due to the high standard of training that our Dental Technicians attain and the state of the art laser equipment used with the perfect amount of Beyond Gel we use. Thousands of people have had this procedure with little or no discomfort!
All of our Dental Technicians have been certified by a Dentist and fully trained, so you can be assured the staff are qualified in this specialist area and completely professional.
The Process
Laser Teeth Whitening
  • Your appointment will start with a 15 minute consultation where we discuss the kind of results you can expect from your teeth whitening treatment.
  • We will ask you to brush your teeth with a special pumice toothpaste and brush, opening the surface of your teeth for maximum whitening results.
  • We then match your teeth's current colour to our Vita Shade guide allowing you to see how many grades your teeth have improved after the treatment.
  • We then start the procedure which is done in 3 separate blocks of 15 minutes.
  • The dental technician will insert a cheek retractor, opening your mouth to a comfortable position while allowing access to the face of your teeth.
  • The Beyond Gel is then applied directly to the face of your teeth and all you need to do is lie back and relax for 15 minutes under the Laser Light.
  • After the first application, we remove and re-apply the gel twice more, giving you another 15 minutes under the laser light each time.
  • At the end of this procedure you'll immediately see the difference in your teeth, as well as using the Vita guide to calculate how many shades lighter they are.

  • The Whitening treatment is completely safe and can be completed inside an hour.
    naturawhite professional laser teeth whitening
    Is it safe?
    NaturaWhite teeth whitening treatment is completely safe. Due to our highly trained dental technicians, state of the art equipment and products we ensure that the treatment is completely safe for you and your teeth.
    Research shows there is no risk whatsoever to the enamel of the teeth after having a laser teeth whitening treatment. The majority find the procedure completely painless, however a small percentage may experience temporary sensitivity to hot and cold for 24-48 hours following treatment.
    Who cannot have treatment?
    A typical course of bleaching can produce dramatic improvements in the cosmetic appearance of most stained teeth; however, some stains do not respond to bleaching. Tetracycline staining may require prolonged bleaching, as it takes longer for the bleach to reach the dentin layer.
    White-spot decalcifications may also be highlighted and become more noticeable directly following a whiting process, but usually become less noticeable, with the other parts of the teeth becoming more white with further applications.
    Bleaching is not recommended if teeth have decay or infected gums.
    It is also least effective when the original tooth colour is grayish and may require custom bleaching trays.
    Bleaching is most effective with yellow discoloured teeth. However, whitener does not work where bonding has been used and neither is it effective on tooth-colour filling.
    General Questions
    Question: "How long does it take for teeth whitening?"
    Answer: Appointments only take 1 hour. Thats right, it only takes us 1 hour to give you amazing white teeth!
    Question: "I do not want really white teeth, just a natural smile. Can this be done?"
    Answer: During the treatment we monitor your teeth and we will ensure they do not go lighter than the agreed shade in the consultation.
    Question: "I have Crowns/Caps/Fillings/Veneers can I have teeth whitening treatment?"
    Answer: Yes you can! The laser teeth whitening procedure will not whiten crowns, veneers, bridges or fillings however they will be restored to their original colour and will not cause any damage at all.
    Question: "Does Teeth Whitening work?"
    Answer: During the consultation we will show you where we will expect you to finish on the VITA shade guide. This way you will be able to visualise how white the teeth will look after the treatment.
    Question: "How long will the results last?"
    Answer: For most people, the results are long lasting. Exposure to coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine and certain other stain producing substances will eventually darken teeth again over time. Your teeth should stay noticeably whiter for 18-24 months after having laser teeth whitening treatment.
    We even offer a quick 15 minute 'top-up' if you would like to keep your brilliant smile!