The Real Story of the Inaa Scottish Hair & Beauty Awards
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Inaa Scottish Hair & Beauty Awards Winners 2014


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The Real Story of the Inaa Scottish Hair & Beauty Awards

Inaa Scottish Hair & Beauty Awards 2014 - The Real Story!! 

After months of hard work and reaching the finals for 3 years in row, Totally Gorgeous are delighted to announce that Donna has won Beauty Therapist of the Year 2014. 

What should be one of the happiest weeks for our salon has instead been turned on us and we now have mixed feelings due to the press coverage but as usual this doesn't tell you the full story and as we were there we thought we would tell you from our point of view.

I guess you have probably heard about the Inna Scottish Hair & Beauty Awards 2014.  It seems the media are only too happy to work the negatives and have managed to turn an unfortunate event when an organiser went into meltdown and a cheeky guest baring her backside into the main story and the public have only been willing to accept this by the number of views the accompanying videos have had.

The whole incident probably lasted for 5 minutes and was at very end of a night when most of the guests including ourselves had already left to celebrate at the after party. We didn't even know about it until the next day!

How sad a society are we when we would rather pick on, ridicule and berate someone before we know the full story and why does human nature mean that this kind of news sells more than coverage of the actual winners and celebrating their success?  I've seen the story as far away as the New York Daily Post which just shows that bad news travels fast and far.

Salons have spent months preparing for the awards and the win has been tarnished and tossed to the side due to something out with their control.  I haven't seen any coverage of the winners even though various media partners were in attendance which is a major disappointment especially as we were looking forward to seeing them all in their glad rags with trophies in toe.

So let us tell you about the night from the beginning rather than the end .....

For us the night didn't start of too well, after we got out the cab I noticed a mark on my dress from the dirty seat prompting a call to the cab firm to complain. 

We then headed in to find where we were to head for the finalist photos but could not see anyone or anything to show us where so we headed to the bar for a drink.  Almost 10 minutes later and still no drink, we were ushered to go through to the grand ballroom and it's here we find the missing photographers.  Perhaps it would have been better for someone from Inaa to meet and greet the finalists and show them where to go as like us, a lot of salons missed out on the photo opportunity and felt a little disoriented which began the night with a slight tension in the air.

We got to our tables to find a couple of bottles of wine which was much appreciated.  Having now had a chance to look at the menu most of the table (and room) were taken aback at the lack of choice and more the main or only choice being salmon which seemed a little strange considering there would be 800 attendees and salmon is not something that everyone likes.  Once word got round that the alternative option (for those with dietary needs) was chicken a lot of alternatives were ordered and at one point, one of the waitresses passing our table muttered about 140 people now wanting chicken and how it was never supposed to be an option for all.  Personally I would have chosen an alternative dish or indeed provided an option either on the night or by prior request but it is hardly a crime and merely an error of judgement.
Although small things in their own right, the atmosphere in the room was beginning to feel a little charged and not as cheerful as the prior years and on comes the comedian and boy did he bomb big style.  Gary Little is a well known comedian and has sold out the past few tours but this audience took offense to his language at the off and their heckling seemed to have thrown him and the whole episode felt like a drunk's swearing rant.  Celebrity guest, Mark Wright at one point as well as one of the organisers had to get on stage to ask the audience to quieten down and show some respect. We were mortified at this point and escaped to the lobby for a drink.  

In the lobby we found one of the best things of the night, a photo booth by Just grab some props, pop in front and you have an instant print.  By the end of the night I think the attendant must have been a bit fed up with us, we did seem to be hogging it a little but it was so much fun and the photos are great.  The photos are also uploaded to the website for guests to view and purchase. This is a must have if your organising an event, wedding or even a party.

Totally Gorgeous Paisley at Inaa Awards 2014
We headed back to the table for the rest of the awards which were going well with lots of excited salons when one of the presenters called out the wrong winner who had already made it to stage before the organiser got on stage to call out that this was indeed wrong an another salon was the winner. 

This was taken badly by the audience who felt mortified for the salons in question and was the incident that started off nasty accusations of awards being a fix and salons paying to win which is absurd and an absolute insult to all the salons who have worked hard for months to make it to the finals.

During the next break we were thrilled with the singer Frankie Bailey who could more than hold a tune and is tipped to be the number one Ibiza single this year.  Look out for her, she was amazing and definitely one of the highlights of the evening. 

We are delighted with our award for Best Beauty Therapist 2014 and can assure you that we did not pay for this and would never have even if given the opportunity.

After the salons win we decided to carry on celebrating at the after party at Light Nightclub in Glasgow and headed on the first of many coaches arranged to transport guest from the hotel to the nightclub.   Many of us were already here supping on champers and dancing the night away when the commotion at the Thistle Hotel kicked off.

We can understand the disappointment with guests over the mix ups but we can also see how these events added to the stressful run up for the organisers and perhaps why at the very end she lost it. We just can't believe that this has been blown out of proportion to overshadow and event that hundreds of hard working beauticians, hairdressers and salons put a lot of effort into both before the event and getting glammed up and gorgeous for the night itself, not to mention the £100 per head cost.

Although things didn't run as smoothly as planned  especially with the celebrities Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan being late for the event and not posing with the finalists for photos as arranged (due to a rumoured tiff) combined with the other hiccups, all guests certainly got their monies worth and in our opinion the event doesn't seem to add up as the money maker some would have you believe ..

          ..800 x £100 = £80,000 for hiring a hotel, dinner for 800,champagne reception,             hiring celebrities and of course the coaches to the after party there wouldn't be             much left over never mind paying for the other entertainment and whatever else.

Due to the bad press coverage and abuse, the organisers have disabled their facebook and twitter accounts which means we cannot access the full list of finalists as yet.  Hopefully we will manage to get access to this soon as it is only fair that they receive some credit for their achievements. 

We would like to congratulate all the winners and we sincerely hope that the hiccups of the night and the incident at the end which most of us missed won't spoil it for you.

This was our 3rd year as finalists and in attendance at the awards and it should have been the best year ever for us as we won Best Beauty Therapist however this has been overshadowed by the press coverage of the event which is majorly disappointing. 

We are not sure whether we will be entering again next year or indeed if the awards will even be run again, which is a sad day for an industry which is already underrepresented.


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we were ushered to go through to the grand ballroom and it's here we find the missing photographers.
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The whole incident probably lasted for 5 minutes and was at very end of a night.
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Ruby Coleman on 21 March 2016 13:42
The entire occurrence likely went on for 5 minutes and was at exceptionally end of a night when the vast majority of the visitors including ourselves had effectively left to celebrate at the after gathering.
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scott on 26 April 2016 09:51
Love the photo booth idea, an enclosed photo booth is also goes down great at parties:
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I've seen the story as far away as the New York Daily Post which just shows that bad news travels fast and far.
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